As a little boy, Bob loved gardening with his Gigi in suburban Chicago. At 10 years of age, Bob constructed his very first greenhouse in his family’s backyard, trekking supplies he purchased with his paper route earnings in his Red Radio Flyer Wagon. As he would traverse back and forth from the neighborhood hardware store, Bob envisioned his future garden center, dreaming of it brimming with exotic and floriferous flowers.

Chris, as a child, loved it when his mother would take him shopping. Some days, they would find themselves scouring the terrain hunting for flea markets and garage sales, always negotiating a good sale. And, other days, they would lose themselves for hours inside a luxury mall. One certainty, their shopping days always included lunch. Enjoying lunch with his mom in Lazarus’ café overlooking the mall’s holiday decorations, Chris remembers becoming enamored with the retail world.

Combining Bob’s garden soul with Chris’ love for retail, they’ve formulated A Proper Garden to be a true lifestyle center, combining traditional retail functions with leisure amenities oriented to those with discerning tastes. Whether it’s shopping for flowers, attending a workshop, enjoying a leisurely farm-to-table lunch, redesigning a living space or discussing how A Proper Garden can serve as your next venue, we invite you to experience our 10+ acre property. You’ll be sure to be greeted by our cutest team members, Toby & Tripp, upon your arrival. Each day, Bob still fills with boyhood glee every time he steps inside one of the greenhouses on site. Chris looks at the café and is immediately engulfed with fond memories of his mother.

Tranquility abounds, effervescent attitudes emerge.

This is our story. Come experience our store.